1. not (used before adjectives and nouns)
  2. Used as a prefix of simple negation ziemjre (not clothed)

preposition, particleEdit

  1. to, more than - used with verbs of liking or preference such as kaih; pija kai zi spajei (I prefer pizza to spaghetti.)
  2. negates adjectival substantives, acting as a negative copula ses zi ye I am not happy. (Happiness not me)

conjunction Edit

  1. used to indicate a choice between two or more items – similar in meaning to English or uaiu aba zi mafai? Will you eat bread or cereal? (Will you eat bread, or will you eat cereal? [that is, you may eat one or the other]) 
  2. or not Beleue zi beleue zu ma? (“Well not well you?”) Are you well or not well? 
  3. neither… nor: zi ye zu doi vuis. Neither I nor you desire death. 
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