This is a list of the most common vocabulary of the Zekaiseii in the Zekaisei Uiktaeii. It is not meant to be comprehensive; it merely exists to enrich a reader's comprehension.

Greetings, salutationsEdit

Alai​! Welcome! (I invite [you].)

Zui vai. Hi. (informal, I see you.)

Zeke ui! May peace be between us.

Nature (including humanity)Edit

umrwambi nature, the earth and its environment as it is

paui humans (earth plus/interconnected with persons)

General opinionsEdit

bune pleasant dause unpleasant, terrible

About foodEdit

buzualte delicious, great-tasting, tasty, delectable

dauzalte disgusting, ugly flavored

ake sickening, nasty


bele in good health 

aqe sick, infirm, physically ill (Click here to see the difference between aqe and ake.)

rhabzi dustie of ill mind, psychologically ill

javae jolly, joyful, in an overall good mood

duqpi depressed emotionally