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Several words in ZV can translate to be but they are not synonymous or grammatically equivalent.

  1. existence
    • to exist: ijzhe, sha, ja, ya, efi
  2. location
    • to occupy a certain place: ze, (of things/structures) eaih, (of persons) jzaih
  3. occurrence of an event
    • to happen, occur at a specified time: zve, wi, arhzwi
  4. essence 
    • to essentially exist as a(n): voi; ∅
  5. class or kind
    • to belong to a certain group, kind, class, genus, species, etc: aisievoi, ih
  6. equality
    • used in mathematical equations: viel, ra, or equative case; ∅  
    • same in identity: ra, jira  
  7. state 
    • in a specified state, temporary condition: ze 
    • to feel an emotion: ze, mourie
  8. going to a place
    • to have been somewhere: use perfect present tense of wi
    • to come back, return, as in come or be home before dark: e wui (you come!)
  9. serves a grammatical function