Etymology Edit

from ualj, (irrealis generale) "to eat, consume, digest," from *uae "taken into the body and used, consumed," from *ut "body" + *ae "use, take for oneself"

verb Edit

  1. (transitive/intransitive, of animals) I eat, consume with the mouth
    1. (of humans, pejorative) I eat, devour, gorge
      • urara akiekie ^uau You eat everything so messily.
      • uraipapa ^uaeu You ate all the food.
      • jarajaha ^uaau You're always eating.
  2. (in progressive present, used with fsa) I digest, my body breaks down my food into a form that it can use for energy to survive
  3. I accept as truth, I "take in or consume" with my mind, I believe
    • urere uku ^uaau You believe anything a fool tells you./You foolishly believe anything.
  4. I internalize (what others say or think about me), I "take in or consume" with my soul or heart (gwai)
    • vapiq ^uaau ata ma? Why are you so quick to internalize their insults?
  5. I steal, take or illegitimately claim for myself (that which I do not own)
  6. I squander, waste, put to ill-use
  7. I harass, bully, "devour" the mind and heart (of my victim)
  8. I infuriate (someone) to (one's) death
  9. I dehumanize, I utterly disregard one's personhood
  10. I violate, abuse, mistreat, or objectify; I treat as my property for my own use
  11. (vulgar) I rape, have sex with someone by force
  12. (vulgar) I have sex with a woman
  13. (colloquial) I slay, kill, murder
  14. I am obsessed with, I am infatuated by 
  15. (from previous sense) I obsess, infatuate, haunt, occupy the thoughts of 
  16. I psychologically manipulate (someone)
  17. I tire, wear out, exhaust
  18. I destroy utterly, demolish, annihilate
  19. (especially of clothes or fabrics, current preterit) I render useless through continued use, I wear out, I subject to wear and tear
  20. (colloquial) I enjoy 
  21. (in progressive present) I take a vacation
  22. (in progressive present or reflexive) I endure, suffer as a strong person or to strengthen myself 
  23. I reap (what I sow); receive equal consequence, whether good or bad, for my actions
  24. I take (something) because I need it
  25. I take for myself that which was entrusted to me (as public funds, taxes, etc.), I embezzle, I abuse public securities